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It's a Boat by ANPStudios

This image has a candid feel with the models neither starting towards or away from your "eye". One might feel that the camera was place...

The making of Fire by kessir
by kessir

While Im unsure if the artist intended it, I love the awkwardness shown in the character's facial expression. It gives me a sense of an...

2010-0260 by JimDuvall

This is an interesting combination of elements for this photo. You have the softness and gaiety of a headress (or at least an intended ...


Halloween has me real busy at work. Will be posting updates once the dust clears.... (this is a 18+ event)
Painted Gas Mask: Blitz Tiger by Catwoman69y2k
Painted Gas Mask: Blitz Tiger
Oh my god? Could it be?..... never seen before updates.  While working on content additions for Wildgasmasks, I happened upon one of the creations from 2011 that never made it to a posting.  So, consider this the first of many to come. 

This is a commission piece for Blitz the Tiger.  A fellow creature builder, Blitz has created a tiger fursona with bigger stripes.  The front of the face had a specific orientation for stripes at the cheek and brow, with the widest part of the stripe blending with the black around the eyes.  The wine mirrored lenses will be brought out by the color of Blitz's hair (wig not shown).

Molded Gasmask created by: :iconstego-s-aurus:
  • Mood: Apprehensive
... part, like....50....

Oh yes. Finally I do something with this space again.  Over the 1-2 years I found myself compelled to update with *something* but every time I saw the aspects of frustration or aspects which are TMI or over-sharing, I would clam up. No one needs to here journal after journal of crappy bad shit.  

However, after a year or so of that, I was aware of that pressure cooker inside me, building up. From previous experience, that wont go anywhere good. Stuffing all that down into me is just a waste of energy as well as feeding these newer fears that just give the dark demons more room to work me over knowing no one will interfere.   So, from June to mid-July, I started an uphill climb and put it out on paper even just to view. At some point, I defied the part that has been sabotaging me to silence and, admittedly, put it up publicly.

With this big keystone moved, does this give me room to get back to normal( as in, “the way I was before.”)?  I can only shake my head. Honestly, I have NO idea

Am I supposed to? … Probably not.

One cannot go back “to the way it was. Living in the past keeps you from executing the more progressive act of resetting one's baseline.  This is a process that is needed, and with no specific interval.      Mine happened to be waayyy overdue this time and I seem to be slogging through it this time around. I must continue to cast things out which frustrate me, but that present no progressive or productive end result.  My pipe dreams have to be just that, or Ill just leave opportunity for the Censor (and other demons) to work against me by presenting sabotaging thoughts (e.g. “Why haven't you done that?”, “Look at how many people have done exactly what you only could think about, and never do.”, etc..).

So, with such important turning points and objectives in my sights, I seek more time and energy for the more important stuff – organizing and simplifying my life and using the momentum I have already given myself.

Currently on my plate:

  • Improving Wildgasmasks' website – I have gotten so much of the important laid down but I want to make some important UI tweaks.
  • A good lead on part-time employment – Some look promising and very aligned with my work ethic as well as having great subject matter and goals.  My “shadow work” was never made to fuel itself so this might lead me on to fixing my equipment shortage.
  • Califur 2015 Website – yes, Im no longer working Cabaret but I can sure push their pixels around :)
  • Improving my Knowledge of Blender
  • Super Secret Project 1
  • SoCalFurs Community – Need to finish up some tasks, with the idea of getting the “network” (our social sites and sub-regional groups) more cohesive.  Then I can add more photos and media, as well as put out a call to local artists
  • Finish my Playacoat – Yes, can we say “long overdue”?
It's a Boat by ANPStudios
This image has a candid feel with the models neither starting towards or away from your "eye". One might feel that the camera was placed on its tripod/stand and just grabbed each part of the beach frolic, letting the models work/play.

This image does appear to be very light on the contrast, which emphasizes the gloomy weather of your shoot date. Im not sure if this was intentional but I do feel that maybe the lighting (in gloomy weather) might need a bit of improvement. However, this also helps draw one eye to that since the models seem to provide the most contrast to the one side.

Composition was executed well, with the barge in the background grabbing one's eye from contrast. When my eye was drawn there, I also got a bit of the upturned hands of the right most model. The hands were an immediate tell towards the prescience of the frolicking subjects.

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