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It's a Boat by ANPStudios

This image has a candid feel with the models neither starting towards or away from your "eye". One might feel that the camera was place...

The making of Fire by kessir
by kessir

While Im unsure if the artist intended it, I love the awkwardness shown in the character's facial expression. It gives me a sense of an...

2010-0260 by JimDuvall

This is an interesting combination of elements for this photo. You have the softness and gaiety of a headress (or at least an intended ...


Mariajju Showcase by Catwoman69y2k
Mariajju Showcase
Pulling something out of the archives today, with some great photos of some awesome clothing.  One of the last times I went on any sort of "buying spree" for clothing was back in early 2013, when I purchased a set of wrap pants and choli's from my friend Ajay.  I love clothing from India (still do).  Maybe Im spoiled by Mariajju's dedication to making clothing as ordered and sizing it to the wearer whenever possible.  I called up one of my local photographers out of the idea of providing Ajay some shots he could use on his product pages

These are traditional Indian-style sari wrap pants, paired with a matching choli or kameez (the longer tops that cover my belly). The trim on the sleeves, bottom of choli top, and areas throughout the wrap pants are all embroidered. Each pair of wrap pants are made from a traditional sari, with the ties added. You simply tie one set of sashes around your waist, straddle the fabric with the seam landing where your crotch is.  Then you pull the other half up towards your waist and tie that too.  I find that the wrap pants have become my favorite bottom half garment, simply because of the freedom of movement paired with the flexibility of sizing.

I must confess, the mohawk I sport seemed to ruin this photoshoot.  This is not to say that these images arent awesome, because, JMatsonArtography did a fantastic job on getting the right shots and working with different backdrops around the area were walking in.  Unfortunately, I just think Ajay didnt know what to do with these shots because a mohawk doesnt make so much aesthetic sense in India, where his clothing shop is based.  I really never have done fashion modeling, so I had to put myself in a different mental headspace.  Jason helped direct me to some  good poses and worked well with the mountain setting at my local lake/park.

Clothing: India Bazaar/Tribalmart
Photography: :iconjmatsonartography:
People say "dont be too hard on yourself". As an artist, I do berate myself and it can hang me up. So I try and curb that.  However, in this case, I *strongly* feel that I failed this project hard.  I did not put my all into it. So, Im not happy with it either.
A to Z Magazines (2013) by Catwoman69y2k
A to Z Magazines (2013)

Pulling some stuff out of the stacks today.  There are a few things I have created/produced during my Dark Time.  Overall, Im in a better headspace now (with only a few low hanging clouds) and Im still dealing with the backlog of submissions, which are getting released as close to chronological order as possible.

This project wasnt just about designing (a template) for a website, it was about building it from the ground up. Client had some very specific needs for the payment process, including recurring subscriptions, collapsible checkout panes, and a way of issuing follow-up notifications and newsletters to current customers.  For this reason, upgrade from Drupal 6 to 7 was avoided, finally choosing Ubercart as the best shopping cart candidate.  

Even the original client's logo (before the project was abandoned) was pretty basic and simple.  So, I didnt have much to go on for creating a theme, save for 3 basic colors for my palette.  Using custom Drupal views, A to Z included a "Featured Products" display carousel.  Sidebar headers used enhanced aesthetics, the rounded corners and shadow effects implemented with CSS3PIE for optimal Internet Explorer 8/9 compatibility.

This theme was developed of the Fusion Theme Framework

(Sadly, this company closed down about a year and a half after I completed this.  So, here is the mirror with all payment options disabled, giving you an idea of its state when it went live in August 2013)

Painted Gas Mask: WildFire by Catwoman69y2k
Painted Gas Mask: WildFire
A previous customer decided to go for something unique, if only for the fact that this one is of her personal character. Wildfire is deep seated within her psyche and so the vision she has of her aesthetics was clear.  I decided to use the hybrid technique again, blocking in the shapes with a rough brush.  As I laid the subsequent coats on, the white filled in. Changing to the second set of tools, I took the edges of the rough work and filled in the last coat and made the outline into sharp lines. Painted with realism, Wildfire can now prance in the meadow upon the player's head. 

Molded Gasmask created by: :iconstego-s-aurus:
What Lay Beyond These Portals by Catwoman69y2k
What Lay Beyond These Portals
Once we let the fire die down at lylorie's house, this small session was born.  Working a bit more with our natural resources, the moonlight combined for a surreal effect.

 I look braced between two portals, with the indecision of which to take.

Photographer: :iconjmatsonartography:

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